Klopp says the best solution must be given. Liverpool-Spurs Let’s kick it again!

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Klopp says the best solution must be given. Liverpool-Spurs Let’s kick it again!

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp Commenting on the issue of the referee’s malfeasance in the Premier League game where the Reds lost to Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 last weekend. With nine players remaining, the referee organization PGMOL admitted that the VAR room committee made a mistake in not objecting to the decision that Luis Diaz’s goal was offside. Until being criticized by Liverpool in a press release and must release the audio clip of the conversation as requested by the other party It appears that before the VAR room realized that they had made a mistake. The สมัคร ufabet game has continued. So you have to let it go.

Klopp says the best solution must be given. Liverpool-Spurs Let's kick it again!

Recently, Klopp said He was not angry at anyone. The judges made a mistake and I believe they felt bad about it. That was enough for him. There is no need to punish anyone else. As for the sound clip, nothing has changed. Because they didn’t care why this happened. Because I have seen the results. We saw that we scored a goal but it didn’t count as a goal. Therefore did not wait to hear any audio clips or statements. And I think the best result should be to play this match again. Even though it probably won’t happen.

Klopp went on to talk about the idea of ​​a new match being played. If anyone were to argue against this, it would be the point that If allowed to kick again It will open the door for everyone to request the same. Because this situation has never happened before. As far as I can remember, there has never been a problem like this. Therefore, I think it is most appropriate to do so. Or have the referee call both coaches to talk and admit that they made a mistake. and blew for Liverpool to get that goal Then let’s start from there.

Klopp also commented that Curtis Jones’ direct red card was another decision that had a huge impact on the game. In his opinion, that should not have been a red card. The referee was called to watch the slow motion picture on the screen. and saw a still image of the first 3 seconds, which if it were him, he would probably give a red card as well if he only saw a still image like that After that it was a slow motion picture. He would have given a red card as well if he had looked at the picture slowly. But in the real situation, it is not a red card at all. At first the referee only gave a yellow card. The mistake of VAR is to let the referee only see the still picture and the slow picture at that moment.