‘Papas’ is determined to take Thunder Castle with 3 points back to Thailand. ‘Theerathon’ is excited to visit the land of the samurai again.

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‘Papas’ is determined to take Thunder Castle with 3 points back to Thailand. ‘Theerathon’ is excited to visit the land of the samurai again.

Movement of the AFC Champions League 2023/24 football competition, group stage, Group H, match 2, “Thunder Castle” Buriram United, group leader in the first game. At home, they defeated Zhejiang FC, a strong team from the Chinese Super League, China, 4-1. This game has a program to fly to Ventforth Kofu, a team from J.League 2, Japan. Who came to play as the 2022 Emperor Cup champions, with the first game tied with Melbourne City 0-0, with 1 point in the bag. This game will be played on Wednesday, October 4th, kickoff at 5:00 PM (Thailand time). 2 hours later than local time) broadcast live via True Sport 3 (press channel 668)

Papas' is determined to take Thunder Castle with 3 points back to Thailand. 'Theerathon' is excited to visit the land of the samurai again.

Most recently on Tuesday, October 3, at the Japan National Stadium press conference room. in Tokyo There was a press conference on the readiness of the two teams before the competition, with Buriram United having Arthur Papas, the head coach, along with Theerathon Bunmathan, a player with a lot of experience. Attend the press conference

By Arthur Papas, revealing his readiness, he revealed, “We came to this game with confidence. I must say that Ventforet Kofu is a good team, having performed well in the past both playing as a team. Away in the first match against Melbourne City, Australia. Including returning to play in the league. We visited Japan this time. To show football fans that we are a good team from Buriram province. Thailand representative We will produce good results tomorrow.”

“It must be acknowledged that Ventforet Kofu is a team with strong players and offensive play. and good defensive game Going to play in Australia for the first game and returning to play in the league, the Kofu team has had some changes. But almost nothing has changed in the gameplay. Plus he has a good coach with the team.”

Samurai reporter Inquiring about the previous game where Buriram United visited True Bangkok United had to be postponed. Regarding how it affects this game, “Papas” said, “The postponed game already has an effect. What makes us miss is the rhythm of playing football. But it’s considered lucky that we got fresh replacement back. There isn’t much of an important part. But our most important thing is to focus on this game. We will go down and play to get 3 points.”

As for Teerathorn Bunmathan, he revealed: “Tomorrow’s game should be an exciting game. I came back to Japan this time as a player for Buriram United. I’m glad to come back and play here again. And it is a big football cup in Asia like the AFC Champions League. The game they will meet should be a good game that will definitely be fun because Ventforth Kofu is considered a good team. And is strong and has a chance to move up to play in J.League 1. Hopefully in this game the fans of both teams will have fun on the field, myself and my friends will do our best. In order for our Thunder Castle to get 3 points back to Thailand, we came to visit.”

The local mass media asked “Aum” about the strengths of his competitors, which are teams from J.League 2, what are their strengths? The only Thai player to win the J.League 1 championship revealed, “Although Ventforet Kofu is a team at the J.League 2 level, with the quality of Japanese players. Everyone already knows and admits that he is superior to our Thai players This is where the home team is superior. Me and my friends are not focused on any one local player. But we prepared the team, prepared a plan and practiced well to meet Kofu. We will close every flaw. *We come together as a team. We will go down and play our style. With our strong teamwork system and will try to score goals quickly To close the game and collect the victory.”

“Boonjung” answered questions from the media, concluding that if tomorrow’s game had Yokohama F. Marinos fans come to cheer, how would they feel? “Boonjung” replied, “It is impressive. Previously, many fans sent messages to him. Having said that, I have good memories with Marinos. My life changed because of Yokohama F. Marinos. Many things, many things for me happened in Japan. I have to thank Yokohama F. Marinos for this success. Won the J.League championship in 2019 here, it changed the perspective. and my idea of ​​playing football. Thank you everyone for coming to cheer. and come support us in this https://ufabet999.com game.”