Be patient! Enrique believes that “Giving Xabi” time and everything will be fine.

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Luis Enrique, Spanish national team manager Tell Barca fans to lower their expectations. Ready to believe that Xabi Hernandez will bring the club back to greatness for sure. but it takes time

Former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique believes Xavi Hernandez can bring Barcelona back where it belongs.

The Catalan giants were in so much financial trouble that they had to drop some of their stars to cut costs. with a limited budget for reinforcements Causing to turn to push the rising star up to play a lot While the team’s form of play fell shockingly Eliminated from the Champions League to play the Europa League In the league, it ranks 8th in the table.

Following the appointment of Xavi Hernandez as the new manager, he has received very high expectations from the fans. But the team’s results so far have not turned out as fans had hoped, with Luis Enrique commenting on Movista Plus: “The easiest thing. You have to trust Xabi because we all think he is the right person.”

“I’ve seen some improvements at Barca, but Xabi has come in charge with a group of players who have lost most of their confidence after the previous situation.”

“Xabi must bring back the confidence. it takes time And there is no magic potion that ingested will cure it immediately. You have to give him your time and your trust.”

“This might not be what the fans expected. But as you can see, Xabi is looking to strengthen the team to increase the potential of the team. Trust is the most important thing. Trust me you will see Barca play well again.”