Benitez hopes Everton will bring in new players.

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Everton manager Rafael Benitez hopes Everton will bring in a new player in January to revive the dire situation despite Everton’s troubles. financial condition.

Even if Everton is a team that has always been watched. Because of the great players they have been brought to the team. A team of experienced and successful managers has also been appointed to join the team. But Everton have never come close to success and have missed out on European competition for several years in a row. Which Rafael Benitez hopes will help Everton return to a team that Success again. Even if it’s not an easy task.

At the beginning of the season, Everton’s performance was satisfactory with a series of victories. But then began to show signs of declining form after not winning several games in a row until now in the area. End of the table and have the opportunity to go down in the relegation area as well if still stumble. Giving points continuously like this. Which Rafael Benitez hopes. Everton will draw new players to join. The team in January, although they are facing financial problems.

We need to strengthen the squad within the January transfer window. I hope Everton will bring in new players to help the team perform better than they are. At this point I have to admit that coming to Everton was a very challenging one. From the first day I knew the problems that existed within the team of course we wanted to solve them. But everything takes time and I’m sure Everton’s performance will definitely improve.