Brighton want Phillips to strengthen their defense

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Brighton are eyeing a new centre-back and Liverpool’s English defender Nathaniel Phillips is one of Brighton’s targets and is available to join immediately in January.

Suffering from injury to the main defender. Jurgen Klopp has to immediately push Nathaniel Phillips into the main defender, although at the beginning may still replace the lack of a key defender. Can’t disappear but after getting the opportunity to play in the starting line continuously. Nathaniel Phillips’ performance has started to improve and helped Liverpool win a ticket to the UEFA Champions League.

But Liverpool did not want the same incident to happen again. It was able to return to the field already. Thanial Phillips had to come on as a fifth-placed substitute immediately. Many teams were keen to join Nathaniel Phillips to strengthen their defense. Nathaniel Phi Lillips also wants to leave Liverpool for more opportunities to play in the starting XI.

It is Brighton are interested in Nathaniel Phillips following the recent loss of Ben White to Arsenal. Although Brighton’s defensive game is not that bad after losing only 16 goals in 15 appearances but the available defenders are still a little skeptical and the arrival of Nathaniel Phillips should help strengthen Brighton’s defense.