Cerezo insists he won’t let Felix leave the team.

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Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has insisted he will not let Joao Felix leave the club at all costs. Despite rumors of a transfer coming out. Attracting interest from the club. Manchester United vs Manchester City.

Since his time at Benfica. it was Manchester United and Manchester City wanted Joao Felix to join the team. But at a price that was too expensive compared to their age plus Joao Felix. Z has yet to prove himself on the high stage, causing both teams to decide not to make an offer to Benfica to consider before becoming Atletico Madrid, who successfully brought Joao Felix to join the team. Will have to spend up to 108 million pounds, but Atletico Madrid are confident that Joao Felix will raise the team’s offensive game for sure.

And moving with a very high cost of this makes Joao Felix face very high expectations, plus Diego Simeone sent Joao Felix into the field as a starting point. Continuing, but the problem is that Joao Felix has never been able to get his good form back. Even though he has been playing continuously. Causing Joao Felix to be reduced to his role as a substitute lately. Plus the latest news about moving the team out continuously. Manchester United and Manchester City are interested.

Of course, if Atletico Madrid want to release Joao Felix from the team. They must be paid as high as they paid or maybe more. But with poor performance on the field, the payout Up to 108 million pounds may be a deal that is not worth much, plus Cerezo Osaka has confirmed that he will not let Joao Felix leave the team in any case to receive a satisfactory offer. come