Howe has yet to respond to the transfer of Trippier.

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Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has yet to respond to Kieran Trippier’s move. Despite rumors that Newcastle United are keen. Kieran Trippier joins the team.

Kieran Trippier was previously at Tottenham Hotspur and was a key player. But his failure to win trophies for several years in a row means Kee Ran Trippier made the decision to move to Atletico Madrid immediately. It appeared to be the right decision as Kieran Trippier helped Atletico Madrid win La Liga. Has been successful in the past season until news came out that Manchester United wanted Kieran Trippier to join the team.

Plus, Kieran Trippier and Manchester United were in talks before Atletico Madrid rejected any offers and confirmed Kieran Trip. Pierre will definitely stay with Atletico Madrid, even though Kieran Trippier wants to return to the English Premier League, and apart from Manchester United, there is also Newcastle. United are also interested in Kieran Trippier, but Eddie Howe has yet to respond.

We may have to bring in a number of players in the January transfer window. But I cannot say who our main targets are as there will be further discussions with management and key targets. My right now is to call out the good form of the players within the team as quickly as possible. It do not want anything unrelated to interfere with the focus of the players in the team. Especially when drawing new players. Come join the team