Klopp reveals Alexander Arnold is a world-class player

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Liverpool’s German manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Trent Alexander Arnold has elevated himself to a world-class player thanks to his excellent on-field performances.

Despite his problems at right-back for a while, Jürgen Klopp opted for Trent Alexander-Arnold to play for the first team and to push young players. Coming up like this is considered a very risky decision. Because if you perform very well. You will receive praise. But if you can’t get good form back. It will become a target that has been criticized for quite some time and in the season. The first time Trent Alexander Arnold was pushed up. It still didn’t work very well.

But after that, Trent Alexander Arnold began to perform better until he stepped up to be a main character of Liverpool, as well as being an important part of helping Liverpool to raise the level to be a team to win. Full-time champions and Liverpool were able to win the UEFA Champions League. The English Premier League, while Trent Alexander Arnold was called up to the England national team. Jurgen Klopp. Opp also revealed that Trent Alexander Arnold is a world-class player.

“Trent Alexander Arnold wasn’t expecting to score more goals but his main focus was to lift himself up and Trent Alexander. Arnold has been able to continuously improve himself until now he can become a world-class player.”