Konate: Liverpool players are not arrogant

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Liverpool defender Ibrahima Konate has revealed that Liverpool’s players do not have arrogance at all and that with a very good relationship, the atmosphere in the team is good as well.

Although Liverpool is not a team that often buys new players to join the team. Plus some markets do not have new players to join the team as well. But for new arrivals players can adapt to the players have. He’s in the team very well. Some have done a great job as well. Ibrahima Konate is one of the players who have just arrived, with Liverpool willing to pay up to 35 million pounds. To bring Ibrahima Konate from RB Leipzig to join the team.

Of course, for new players it may take some time to adjust and for some it may take up to a season to adjust to new team-mates successfully, but Ibrahima Konate takes time. Not long ago, he adapted to his teammates successfully and had the opportunity to squeeze into the main character of Liverpool as well, which Ibrahima Konate revealed that all Liverpool players are very friendly and do not have any concerns. Arrogant as well, with Ibrahima Konate giving an interview that

I personally am very happy to have moved to Liverpool and when I was in the dressing room with everyone I could feel that none of the players showed arrogance at all. Hima Konate has made seven appearances for Liverpool so far.