Moyes admits West Ham have trouble scoring goals

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West Ham United manager David Moyes admits West Ham United are struggling with goalscoring. Need to fix it if they are to achieve their goals.

Have to admit that West Ham United’s performance in the 2020/21. Season is considered very brutal with the collection of victories continuously until moving up to the top of the English Premier League table. Having a chance to win a ticket. The UEFA Champions League has come if it continues to perform well. But West Ham United’s recent performance has started to suffer after only winning one of the last five games. Most of the time on the field, the situation of West Ham United began to not fight very well.

Because if they miss just one game, West Ham United have a chance to slip out of the top four immediately. The big problem is the matter of attacking goals. They are very few with West Ham United scoring only 5 goals from In the last five games plus. West Ham United have stumbled in a draw with bottom-table Burnley. Despite the need for a win. David Moyes admits West Ham United have an attacking problem. Needs to be fixed urgently by David Moyes interview that

Although we have created a lot of goalscoring opportunities and scored three goals against teams like Liverpool and Chelsea, against Burnley, who are just a team at the bottom of the table, we can’t score goals. Not even one goal and we were disappointed to miss the win. Of course, I’m satisfied with all the players because each of them has raised themselves very high and performed well, but we need to improve. More about scoring goals.