Moyes has revealed his latest win shows West Ham have improved.

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West Ham United’s Scottish manager David Moyes has revealed that West Ham United’s recent win shows West Ham United have made a lot of improvement.

Although West Ham United have already. It been elevated to the top of the English Premier League table. Moving up to the top four is a tougher one as there are now three teams that Booked 1st to 3rd concession. Both Manchester City Liverpool including Chelsea. Making the race for 4th place at West Ham United is not an easy task because there are 5 teams that are trying to win. Compete for 4th in the English Premier League table

And the latest match at West Ham United. Against Wolverhampton is a good opportunity. For West Ham United to score points. Chasing the fourth team like Manchester United. Which West Ham United can keep 3. A perfect score was achieved through Tomas Soucek’s goal. Which means they are now just two points. Behind fourth-placed Manchester United. David Moyes revealed that the latest win showed improvements in the team. West Ham United on the rise.

We’ve done a very satisfying job. It’s a good sign that we’ve improved a lot. Especially with more chances to score goals and we can turn them into goals as well. Another part to appreciate is the defensive game of the UFABET team. That defended Wolverhampton’s attack very well. It kept a clean sheet. Originally, I had a chance to move up to the top four area as well.”