Watkins reveals everything inside Aston Villa is improving

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Aston Villa forward Ollie Watkins has revealed that things are improving after Steven Gerrard is the new manager. Aston Villa’s performance has improved significantly.

Although Aston Villa have relied on Dean Smith as manager, a disappointing performance with five straight losses prompted Aston Villa to part ways with Dean Smith. Before Steven Gerrard was brought in as new manager in the middle of the season. A superb performance during his time at Glasgow Rangers. Steven Gerard had to meet expectations. Hopes are very high, plus many people condemn that Steven Gerard may not be suitable for the English Premier League.

But Aston Villa’s performance under Steven Gerard has been brutal, with four wins out of six, with the loss facing the club. As strong as Liverpool and Manchester City, with the latest game having just beaten Norwich City 2-0 easily. The situation of Aston Villa is much better than before and has the opportunity to be in the ball area. The European Cup also with Ollie Watkins revealing that everything at Aston Villa is improving.

Against Norwich City was not an easy task and they were the side with more possession but we were the ones got the wins. We didn’t underestimate Norwich City. Even if they are at the bottom of the table. Their latest win shows that we have a very strong desire to win and that everything within the team is improving even if we face a big team like last weekend. Dah past but we are confident that we will overcome them.