Howe praises Newcastle’s amazing players as they beat PSG 4-1 at home

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Howe praises Newcastle’s amazing players as they beat PSG 4-1 at home

Newcastle showed impressive form. Opening their nest at St. James’ Park, they defeated Paris Saint-Germain, a famous team of the French Ligue 1, 4-1 in the UEFA Champions League group stage, Group F

Howe praises Newcastle's amazing players as they beat PSG 4-1 at home

Eddie Howe, Newcastle manager Said after the competition that It was a great dedication from the team. This is a different game. It’s like a cat and mouse game between two teams. We try to put pressure on the opponent. As they tried to penetrate us, there were many good things to say about this game. PSG is a good team. We have to play tough defense. and has a wonderful spirit

As for the game plan for this match, Howe said that in the first match against AC Milan, we tried to play as ourselves. But I couldn’t do it as I wanted. I think from the previous match people thought that we would lose, but we were able to draw, which made us enter the field with a lot more confidence than before in this game. Must give full credit to the players. Because they did well in fighting against world-class players.

Howe also praised the fans for their encouragement and encouragement for the ยูฟ่าเบท team. And it’s even more of a good motivator.

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